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Shining Stars

Shining Star: Home made Tags

A huge thank you to Cheryl for making us over 300 tags for our packages!! How cute are these ❤

Shining Star: Thank you Crystal and family

This also showed up on our porch today...and this picture doesn't do justice to the love (and fun) inside this box! There are the cutest hats, so many pairs of socks, the sweetest booties in multiple colors and the blankets...
I LOVE the blankets! They're all sock monkey themed ❤
This package makes me even more excited to start putting the packages together! 

Thank you Crystal and family!!!

Shining Star: Amber

Just picked up 200 of the sweetest little headbands (as well as some socks and sleepers) for our packages going to the hospital on Maddens birthday. I wish I could show you all 200, they're so cute! Huge thank you to Amber for all the work she put into making these!

Shining Star: Kindness from a Stranger

Yesterday I was at Walmart buying travel sized items for "need one, take one" boxes that we  leave in the two parent washrooms by the parent rooms at the Stollery. I got to talking to the gentleman in line behind me about what all this was for and the other programs we run through the Stollery. He ended up paying $80 towards my total bill! How amazing is that! So thankful ❤

Shining Stars: Luxy Littles

Thank you to Luxy Littles for the super sweet bandana bibs for our Christmas Stockings! This Christmas we will be donating 200 stuffed stockings to the Ronald McDonald House ❤

Shining Stars: Lemonade Runco

Thank you to these sweet kids who set up a lemonade stand yesterday and decided to donate what they earned to our foundation. Gestures like these make my heart smile and I’m sure they make our angel smile too.

Shining Stars: Edmonton Thunder & Lightening EGHA Hockey

My boys doing the ceremonial puck drop at the Edmonton Thunder and Edmonton Lightning EGHA games on Saturday night. This event raised over $1,100.00 for our foundation and got us started with numerous sleepers and blankets for our newborn hospital packages. A huge thank you to Cassea Schols for organizing this event and everyone else involved ♥