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Home for Dinner – Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta

Stollery Hospital
Dinner for families at the Edmonton Stollery Hospital

On December 19th our family was fortunate enough to make dinner for the residents of the Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta. There were 9 of us altogether. We arrived with our groceries at 3pm and got to work making a dinner of meatballs, spaghetti, sauce and salad. We brought along some pre-made desserts and a couple flats of pop to round out our meal.

Dinner was served right around 6pm and lucky for everyone eating, it tasted pretty good!

We were fortunate to be able to meet some very inspiring families and catch up with some people we had met previously throughout our own journey. Our children played with some of the resident kids – I think the bingo game may have been their highlight of the night.

The Ronald McDonald House is an amazing facility that serves a very needed purpose in this community, we feel honored to be able to support the house through the Home for Dinner program and look forward to coming back to make another meal soon!...we will wait until after our baby comes as I was not much help this time around!

Thank you again to our family who came and cooked with us! We really appreciate your support ♥

The DeLuca’s