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Board Members

Carly DeLuca - Founder, President & Madden's Momma

Founder, President & Madden's Momma


Carly is kind, smart and one tough momma. She is easy to love and beautiful on the inside and out. She shares time, laughter and friendship easily and will put her whole heart and soul into honouring Madden's memory. Her boys are all very lucky to have such a wonderful wife and mom.

Rocky DeLuca - Co-Founder, Vice President & Madden's Daddy

Co-Founder, Vice President & Madden's Daddy


A strong, loving and compassionate man who puts his family first and fought for Madden with everything he had. Rocky has vowed to continue Madden's legacy by helping other families with their fight against congenital heart disease.

Michele Lamoureux - Secretary, Madden's Grandma

Secretary, Madden's Grandma


Michele loves Madden with her whole heart. She spent her time by Madden's side singing to him and holding his hands. She holds her grandchildren in a special place in her heart. Michele is the owner and general manager of Parcom Online and brings years of Marketing knowledge to our team. A great addition!

Kelsey Rietveld - Treasurer, Best Friend to Madden's Momma and Madden's Godmother

Treasurer, Best Friend to Madden's Momma and Madden's Godmother


Kelsey pours her heart and soul into everything she does. She is one of the most kind and compassionate people on this earth, always willing to lend a helping hand. Kelsey spent many hours crying, hoping and praying with the family during Madden's hardest days.

Pasquale DeLuca - Co-Treasurer, Madden's Uncle

Co-Treasurer, Madden's Uncle


Pasquale spent countless hours at the hospital by Madden's side fighting for him to come home. He is a strong man that fights for what he believes in. The fight now continues for many other families battling with pediatric congenital heart disease.