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In Hospital Photography

On the day Madden passed away we had a photographer come in and take pictures of our family, since we knew our family of five wouldn't have this opportunity again.

We treasure these precious memories and some days feel like this is all we have left. These photos are the most incredible gift we could have been given and made us want to offer this gift to other families walking along the same path. 

With the help of some amazing photographers who volunteer their time we are able to  offer in-hospital family photography sessions to families whose children have a long term hospital stay ahead of them, families whose children are celebrating a milestone and families who are spending their last precious hours together with their child. This program is so important as many of these sessions capture precious moments that serve as precious memories.

“Photos serve as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone”.

If you are photographer interested in becoming a part of this program please contact us.

Our Photographers:

Kristy Wolfe Photography

I am a teacher, a documentary style photographer, and a medical mom. My three-year-old son, Kane, was born premature and has since had a heart surgery and a neck surgery. He has more medical procedures in his future. Maverick, who is one, ended up in the PICU when he was 5 weeks old after contracting RSV. I got involved with Madden DeLuca Foundation because I wanted to give back to the community after our original experience in the NICU. "I love the look on a parent's face the first time they see the my images of their angel." "I have been invited to a couple of memorial services for children who have passed and it fills my heart when I see the images I made being used to share a piece of who their child is." "I am so thankful I am able to provide parents going through such a traumatic and difficult experience with an opportunity to show their love of their beautiful child through my lens." 

I feel families deserve to have these “normal” life experiences. These shoots can be emotionally quite tough, but I wouldn’t give them up for anything. I currently volunteer with Ronald McDonald House and The Madden DeLuca Foundation. 

I want each family I spend time with to have beautiful photographs of moments throughout their lives. I particularly love being able to capture babies,
kids and families as they grow and change. I know our sessions will be remembered with a smile.


Capture It Photography   

My name is Sheri Colautti and I like happy photos!
I am a wife, mother, sister and friend.
I love the outdoors and I am just as happy in the mountains as I am on a beach.
I love to travel and I love to craft.
I aim to create photos that will make you smile, laugh and cry!

I think I have THE best job in the world and I believe my passion for it is reflected in my photos.
So pull up a chair and stay awhile. Leaf through my portfolio and be inspired the way I’m inspired by YOU.

Capture It Photography is located in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Pretty as a Picture 

My name is Emma Wood.
I love being in the middle of nowhere – and I love that I grew up on a farm – and I love the city for fashion, food and cocktails!
I love cosy mornings with a book and a cup of tea – and I love being outside in the fresh air with a hot chocolate and rosey cheeks!
I love soaking up the sun at the beach or in my back yard – and I love snow flakes on my face as I skate around a pond.
I love my hubby – and one day, together, we will love our little piggy – Annie!
I love afternoon tea (and cake) with friends in chic and shabby places!
I love meeting new people – many of my friends have become my clients, and now many of my clients have become great friends!
I love creating art – with pencils – paint – fabric – my camera – photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember!
I love all shades of pink!
I love LOVE!


Burdenation Photography

Hello! My name is Codey. I am a lifestyle Photographer. I married my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful littles. We live in the country with a bunch of furry and feathered critters that keep us busy. 

We love to travel, camp, and spend most of our time outside exploring. We are always dreaming of our next adventure.

I'm humbled to be able to provide families with cherished memories through the Team Madden Foundation. When I was in high school my family suffered an enormous loss of two children. Photos are all we have to remember them and they have helped us immensely through the grieving process even though they are just the standard hospital photos. I think it's amazing that Team Madden offers the opportunity for families to have a more intimate lifestyle photography experience. It's a wonderful gift and I'm proud to be able to contribute. Photo: Tika Photography