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Shining Stars

CHD charms

Shining Stars:CHD Charms from Shandi

Today we received the sweetest note along with 10 hand painted CHD charms to add to our necklaces for momma's of heart angels. I know these are going to mean so much to the mom's who receive this beautiful gift. ♥

Rhonda blanket donationBlankets for Madden Bags400 tag blankets for Madden donation

Shining Stars:Rhonda Beers

Rhonda is a true Shining Star. She supports us through every initiative that we have. She sews year round to make us 400 blankets a year for our hospital delivery and always has bonding squares and bandana bibs to drop off when needed throughout the year. She's definitely one of our favourites. Thank you Rhonda for your continued support and all your heard work! We love you ♥

Blankets from GrandmaBlankets from Grandma for Madden bags

Shining Stars: Blankets from Grandma

Somehow we got lucky enough to enlist the help of the sweetest Grandma to sew blankets to add to our packages. We have been steadily getting a few blankets at a time from this wonderful woman. ♥

Travel Alberta stuffing Madden DeLuca packages

Shining Star:Travel Alberta

These packages don't fill themselves! Thank you to the staff at Travel Alberta for taking an afternoon to help us prepare for our hospital delivery ♥

Terry Fox for Madden

Shining Stars: Running for Madden

Dylan you shine in our hearts for keeping Madden in yours ♥
Today was the Terry Fox run at school and Dylan said he ran for Madden. Someone asked him if Madden had cancer and he said it didn't matter if he did or didn't and that he was running for Madden.

St Cecila book donation

Shining Stars: St Cecilia - Books

Thank you to St. Cecilia Jr High who heard we were short on books for our packages and stepped up with this huge donation! ♥

Lemonade Stand

Shining Stars: Lemonade Stand

Huge thank you to these two who spent their weekend working hard to raise money for our foundation ♥ "Grab a cup of ice cold Fresh Lemonade! Donations are also being accepted for the Madden Deluca foundation ♡" These two did an awesome job! Thank you for providing us with such an amazing cause to raise money towards!

Gabby's Big Heart

Shinging Stars: Gabby's Big Heart

On July 18, 2015 Gabby's Big Heart held a golf tournament to raise money for the Stollery Children's Hospital. They also had a Children's Extravaganza to celebrate Gabby's 1st birthday and supported our foundation with a cash donation from the support they received. We want to send a huge thank you to Gabby and her family for their support as well as their support for the cardiac unit at the Stollery Hospital ♥♥

St Cecilia Tigers give back

Shining Stars: St Cecilia Tigers

Huge thank you to the St Ceclia Jr High Leadership Team who continue to support our foundation ♥! "Once again our leadership team raised over $500 for the Madden DeLuca Foundation. With this money they decided to purchase books and sleepers for the care packages that the Foundation puts together and donates every year. Well done again Tigers!"

The Madden Deluca Donation from Scottish U 14 girls

Shining Stars: U-14 Scottish United Girls

So proud of our Scottish United Girls U14 tier 2 team! 2002 & 2001 players.
They have raised $500 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation AND $500 for the Madden DeLuca Foundation!! 
This amazing team is not only 1st place in their age division, but these girls and their families are 1st place in my heart!!