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Christmas Hamper Drive
Hampers for four families with children in the Stollery

Date: December 8, 2014 - 3:00am

Location: Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

Christmas Hampers

Again this year we will be providing 4 long term Stollery families with Christmas Hampers. The families we will be given will be families who are struggling financially. We want to help these families give their children a much deserved Christmas. Once I know specifics about the families and the children's ages, genders and likes I will post more. However gift cards are always great, including grocery cards, gas cards and movie passes! 
We would also like to include some non perishable food in these hampers, along with some treats for the kids. 

This year we will be expanding our Christmas program and will put together stockings for Children in the hospital. We will be putting together for multiple age groups, both boys and girls. Any stocking items would be great - socks, mitts, small games, nail polish, little toys, lip balm, gum, treats, crayons etc.

Family 1
Family is separated as they are from out of town and commuting on weekends. 

-8 Year old boy: loves Lego...mind craft and really would like a mind craft diamond sword..loves Sydney Crosby, corvette models
-5 year old boy..loves super heroes, size 6
-12 year old girl: loves books....(would love a chapters gift card), very girly.. Loves vivika athletic
-16 year old girl..make-up, sephora gift card..lulu lemon (size small..size 4)
-Mom...could use spa services..make up, pajamas (size small), body creams
-Dad loves

This family could really use gift cards: gas cards, restaurants cards, grocery cards..... Etc.

New family to the country in need of help!
All gift cards would be so helpful!
Grocery ones for anywhere!
Coffee cards
Visa or Master card gift cards would be so helpful as well!!

-Girl 6 a loves barbies, crafts books Disney things
She is a size 8…loves to wear dresses
-Girl 3: all play, dolls, music she would be a size 5
- Girl 10: loves to play games, very girly…a size 10. Loves to be fancy with infinity scarves…Could use some warm clothing.

Mom would be a size medium and could really use some clothing…a gift card to the bay or a mall would really help her…
Dad could also use the same….
This family has very few resources and no family supports here.

Family #3:
Family is from out of town. single Mom completely on her own so gift cards of all types would be perfect.

-infant baby girl wears size 6-9 months ...light rattles, 
- 4 year old girl..average size loves Disney, dolls 
-12 year old boy loves ps4 games, a gift card to best buy or future shop would be great
Mom has very little could use clothing, is a size small..needs winter boots so a gift card to Southgate or the bay would be great! Also a spa package for hair and or massage would be wonderful

Family #4
This family has lived the majority of the last 3 years at the hospital.
They are from out of province with parents working their very best to keep the family as unified as possible with as much commuting as possible with parents and siblings. 
The parents could really use some time to reconnect so gift cards to restaurants would be so great...the Keg or original Joes which are both near the hospital.
Movies passes so the family could enjoy some time together.
All gift cards as well as gas and groceries cards. 
5 year old boy that loves super heroes, minions, books star wars
10 year old boy that loves gaming, iTunes cards, Lego
14 year old girl that loves make up, books (chapters gift card would be wonderful) fashion, hair accessories.

This year we are also hoping to donate some toys to the Edmonton Ronald McDonald House to help stock their Magic Room. The magic room is a place where children are allowed to go and pick out a toy on special days - last day of treatment, birthdays, release from the hospital etc. 

We will happily accept any items you may wish to donate ❤️

Thank you everyone that supported this initiative.

Merry Christmas.