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Dear sweet Madden

Dear sweet Madden. I want to thank-you for your amazing courage & boy do I know how hard you had to fight! I want to share with you that you indeed are an inspiration, and your family is SO helping & making a difference through the little things in other peoples lives. I want to share a story with you about a little boy so close in age! Maverick was born June 7th 2013, just 3 days after your birthday and also has 2 big brothers just like you do. I'm pretty sure you guys would be good little buddies. His mama wrote this story about him on July 1st 2013.

They said, the surgery is long and risky. we prayed for a miracle. They said, the infection is bad, he will not make it. we prayed for a miracle. They said, he will not come off the VAD we prayed for a miracle. They said, his kidneys will not recover we prayed for a miracle. There were a billion other times~ we prayed for a miracle. They said, ‘he’s surprising us all!' we said ' a whole army of host’s is a prayin’ for a miracle*'. Now here he is after, 10 surgeries, 196 units of blood 2 Cardiac arrests 1 aortal hemorrhage 3 sepsis infections 1 heartbroken mommy and a million other things, our baby- still a long ways to go- has surely shown them to be our little miracle.

I personally wanted to thank you all so so much for all your prayers, for I am certain for that reason alone, our little man has become our little miracle. - The amount of times I have prepared myself to say goodbye, and the amount of staff who are amazed at how far he's come, I thank God for our little miracle. Today- July 1st, for the first time I was told that I can be hopeful that one day I indeed might be able to bring HOME our little miracle. Madden ~ Keep being an inspiration* little man. May your precious memory & hard fight live on & touch lives forever.